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We help you thrive despite imperfect conditions, change or crisis with Neuroscience Based Learning & Development.

Building Better Organizations Starts With One Principle

Ignite the power of your people

Neuroscience Is A Foundational Multiplier For Strategy, Growth & Impact

Adaptability, interpersonal skills and behaviour are gravely affected when faced with imperfect conditions, change or crisis. 

Why?  Because in any situation where familiarity is lacking, pressure increases. 

Research has shown for decades that in higher pressure moments, the majority of people perform below their capability. To build better organizations, neuroscience based learning and development is essential to thrive.

So How Do YOu Show Up For Your People?

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What We Can Do For You

We train you to support your people during times of compounding complexity.

With us by your side, you optimize innovation, collaboration & exceptional leadership that’s able to efficiently navigate imperfect conditions, change or crisis.

We build leaders that people want to follow.  Through our training they develop pressure levers, interpersonal skills & how to effectively navigate organizational change.

We help you build the power of human capital by helping your people do their best, when it matters the most.  Learn tools for pressure, mental wealth & developing resilience during change.

We build inclusion intelligence by developing advocates and allieship while breaking down cognitive dissonance. Discover how to embrace diversity to thrive.

From The Founder

Create Opportunities

To Thrive

In compounding complex situations it’s normal to see things fall apart when the weight of the last item is too heavy to bear – but this does not have to be your story. 

Whatever you’re experiencing now is simply the product of how well you’ve operated under complexity.

By creating pressure levers, you create opportunities to thrive again.

Andrea Carter Consulting Is Building Better Organizations

Watch Andrea Carter on The Empire Club Of Canada’s Panel Discussion On The Impact of COVID-19 on Canadian Women.  

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